Cashing In: Wholesale & Retail Christmas Tree Odyssey




In my last post I interviewed a rather seasoned Wholesale Christmas tree farmer by the name of Dale C.  Dale, if you recall , was a rather seasoned Wholesale Christmas tree farm owner from the South.  He briefly explained the general landscape for opportunity within the wholesale Christmas tree farm industry.  He also went on to state his desire and outlook for the industry.  I wanted to focus on his main desire in assimilating within the North-east region of the US.

For purposes of this post I want to mainly focus on North-eastern region, wholesale Christmas trees in and around the region are of the same or higher calibre than those in the South-eastern United States.  Balsam Firs are the premium tree of choice this season, whether you are in the North or the South  The options in types of wholesale Christmas tree farm you can visit is quick wide.  Obviously almost all are retail equipped on-site; there are some that sell only 150 trees in a season, where you cut your own and can enjoy a sleigh ride and carolling.  These are mostly the mom-and-pop/family outfits, ranging from minimal subsistence returns to lucrative wholesale Christmas tree farming organizations raking in top returns.

An additional but certainly not overlooked revenue stream is that of the seasonal retailer.  This is the most mobile, as well as adaptable logistical set-up of all the Wholesale Christmas Tree farming revenue streams.  In many regions and parts of the US and Canada, these enterprises were set-up by the Wholesale Christmas tree farmers themselves.  It later progress to these Wholesale Christmas tree farmers offering individuals wholesale pricing on these Christmas trees.  Now, region and logistic specific pricing can see a tree sold in Martha´s vineyard, tremendously out-pricing a Christmas tree in Danbury, Connecticut.

This luxury pricing within a niche market is the reason why so many have now turned to the internet with on-line retailers and big-box stores.  Quick pricing data as well as logistical conveniences have allowed Christmas trees to be one more thing that can be scratched off the holiday season list with the ease of a mouse-click.



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